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The Process | Women’s Premium Made-To-Measure

Our premium made-to-measure service combines the latest garment technology with old-school tailoring technique – a fusion of modernity and tradition. Each garment is precisely constructed to your exact specifications, then hand-altered personally by our master tailor Orhan for an exceptional finish.

Made-to-measure gives your wardrobe that instantly-recognisable ‘tailored look’ – perfectly-cut for a fit that sculpts and skims. We offer a stunning range of British and Italian fabrics to reflect your distinct tastes, whilst custom details add a flourish of personality.

1 | Consultation


Begin the process by telling us about you. What are you looking for? What do you like? We then help to guide you through our huge selection of fabrics, steering you towards a fabric that speaks to you. Your choice of cut, detailing and features completes the look with a personalised touch. Once your measurements have been taken, construction can begin.

2 | Construction

Post-consultation, Orhan configures your unique pattern which is drafted from your measurements and his expert tailors eye.  Your cloth is laser-cut and hand tailored by a professional team of skilled tailors at one of our premium manufacturers based in England or Europe. They cater to many of the best tailoring houses and offer outstanding precision for a high-end, quality finish.

This ordinarily takes 4 – 6 weeks, however express orders are available for a fee.

3 | Fittings


Once completed, we invite you to our studio for your primary fitting. Orhan will assess the fit and form of the cut, pinning the garment so that any necessary alterations can be made.

With a masterful tailor’s touch and exacting eye, Orhan then applies decades of experiences and expert craftsmanship to tweak your garments for a glove-like fit.  

4 | Collection


Once your final alterations have been made, we will check the garments on you for a second time.

Usually by this point the garment should fit perfectly – however we will continue to make adjustments until each client is entirely satisfied with end result.