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February 8 2014

Brand Identity and Corporate Wear Uniforms

Appearance goes a long way and it is often the first impression given at a first encounter. What better way to reflect your brand than with the right uniforms for hospitality staff. It is a way to be taken seriously as a corporate body. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important for companies to create a brand identity and improve brand image.

 Members of staff are an extension of the brand they work for, and what they wear matters greatly to them and to the firm’s customers, as well as reflecting on the company’s core values. The uniform acts as an extension of the brand and could be used by companies to enhance their business image. A uniform can provide an instantly recognizable signal about the company and its culture.

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Dress for branding

In the book ‘Dress for Success’ By John Molloy, he advised companies should dress to match their product. Do your employees dress to match your brand?  To get an undiluted brand delivery uniforms are ideal.  To implement uniforms within your company here are a few guidelines:

  • Involve  Staff-  This ensures that they are comfortable in them
  • Educate Staff- Introduce them to the mission statement to inform them of the objectives of wearing a uniform
  • Think Branding- what colours reflect your brand? E.g Gold symbolises success and luxury, you may want to incorporate your company logo. The key is to make the uniform look like your brand.

Types of uniforms

  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Aviation
  • Corporate
  • Promotional

At Orhan London Tailoring we work with a number of companies to achieve their brand statement. The important thing for us is a quality assurance, using the finest fabrics and tailoring to perfection.

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