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The Advantages of Choosing a Made-to-Measure Suit

A professional working wardrobe, wedding outfit or special occasion suit requires more than a standard off-the-peg cut. Our made-to-measure service ensures a well-fitting suit that reflects your personal style whilst being more cost-effective than its bespoke counterpart. For those who believe a good suit is one of life’s necessities, made-to-measure is particularly advantageous for non-average body shapes and time-constrained customers.

From the moment you choose to invest in a made-to-measure suit, you will be given personal attention from a tailor who will take measurements and give you the opportunity to choose from the available weights and styles of cloth, trimmings and custom detail options. This includes pocket types, lining and buttons.

The house master block or a base pattern is adapted to create your personal, unique pattern, incorporating your body measurements and posture. Typically, a made-to-measure suit is constructed using a combination of hand-stitching and machine sewing. There may be 100 pieces in the suit jacket alone. The seam between sleeve and body may be hand-stitched to ensure the well-pitched sleeves with the correct tension, but the majority of the stitching is machine done. This allows a much faster manufacture time.

Any adjustments can be made at the fitting, resulting in a suit which, despite the more streamlined approach and quick manufacture time (in comparison to the months it may take for bespoke tailoring) is the modern man’s go-to choice for expediency, cost and cut.

The Advantages of Choosing a Bespoke Suit

When it comes to purchasing a new garment, opting for bespoke tailoring is the unparalleled personal tailoring solution.

A bespoke garment is something truly unique. Combining modern fabrics and styling with centuries-old techniques, this could be one of the most important investments you’ll ever make and a chance to commission something with a flattering cut, perfect weight of cloth and subtle nod to your own personality - a wardrobe staple for many years.

It can take tailors several weeks to create a bespoke garment. The tailor will take seemingly endless measurements including shoulder slope and arch of the back; as he deftly jots down the numbers and quietly observes your posture you’ll know you’re in expert hands. From these measurements, a new pattern is drafted, and once the difficult decision of which mill’s cloth and colour to choose has been settled, the cutter gets to work.

Do not expect instant gratification with a bespoke suit; the many man hours, hand stitches, time and detail required to ensure near-perfection cannot be rushed. Expect three to four fittings to achieve a precise fit, where you are the focal point of the appointment and get to see how the garments hang, feel how they fit and where any adjustments need to be made.

Only when both you and the tailor are satisfied will you be able to take your bespoke suit away; a piece of craftsmanship not many get to experience.